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Originally Posted by Reznick View Post
Sorry for the bad news , but I don't think its gonna be anything to worry about.Does the car have motorized levers or a manual pull bar? I'm assuming motorized?The car is brand new, it could just be that things are a little tight and haven't worn in yet. Did you take a peek under the seat to see if there was anything obstructing it? If the seats are adjustments are motorized I would just take it back to the dealer and have them take a quick look. It could be something as easy as a loose wire or a small bolt or nut that got drop and was stuck on the seat track.. Its a new car, it should work like new. You won't look like any idiot by bringing it in. Little things like this happen. Good luck , Let us know how you make out
^ this!

Dont worry OP...take it in and be happy. I think it was a one-off thing...
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