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Originally Posted by DarkTrigger View Post
Audi AWD is so-so, it's no Subaru. Quattro with sport differential means that the traction will only up to 50% can be sent to the rear wheels if the front lose grip. In other words, 99% of the time it's a FWD vehicle. Also, only audi would make you pay for airbags!

Of course I'm biased but I choose a BMW for good reason. 328i feels way more nimble and powerful than the a4. Since you're in Cali, no need for an audi quattro, might as well get a normal audi which most people here get, as just for show.
Uh this is completely wrong. The sport diff is only the s models and can shift rear torque 100% left or right rear wheel. it is also optional.

An Audi is not a Mazda or mitsubishi or volvo or honda awd (ok maybe the haldex based unit on the tt/a3 is similar, but were not talking about those 2 not quite real audis) . Its just about as good as it gets, they are both running torsen based systems. . On an a4 2.0t the default torque split is 40 front 60 rear. Can be up to 90% rear.

I mean I own one and I think BMW s are a little more fun to drive since well rwd just is fun. But that said i don't like misinformation being spread.

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