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Originally Posted by 328inGE View Post
I've commented on this before, but the fact people can get below invoice on a BMW that has been out for less than a year worries me where the brand is going. I'm sure everyone on this board has remarkable negotiation skills, but back in the day it was unheard of (or extremely rare) to get that much discount until a few years of production. This sounds more like GM, Ford, etc and IMO the reason you do not see any BMW model on this recent residual list:

Mini yes, but they have not been discounting like BMWs have recently.

I can't disagree there. A couple of dealerships told me that they are on a mission to do whatever it takes to move cars this year, since BMW is trying it's darn best to edge out Lexus as a premium brand (not sure if this is globally, or North American market). I guess it's more a volume game at this point. Move more cars at any cost (or loss).

That would explain the vast expansion in line-up of cars and the softening of the existing line-up (departure from the ultimate driving machines of the late 90s and early 00's), in order to appeal to a much wider demograph.

It does cheapen the brand a little bit, I agree.

And for the record, I have terrible negotiating skills. It just seems that every dealership is very eager to outbid the last one, with little effort or role-plying on my part.
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