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Originally Posted by micosilver View Post
Here is my take on it, as someone on the other side of the desk:

Two factors are more important than the exact cost to the dealer:

1. Are you a local customer/repeat client? A dealership will make more than a few fundred just from warranty and schedule maintenance service.

2. Are you there in person? Internet is great, but online shopping is not a guarantee for the best price. You sitting in my office with the checkbook in hand is the best language my sales manager will understand. Come prepared, ready to buy, the car in stock - anything can happen.

1. Actually, new customer and an hour out of their market. The CA said that they are really going after me since I am out of their market, and they want to bring me "in to their market". Ok, yeah, sure, mmm hmm ... whaaaaat-ever!

2. Online and final offer was made by them over the phone. It is just a totally bizarre situation. The first and only time I went to the dealer was to sign the papers, pay my deposit.

Mico, I agree 100% with what you are saying. What is bizarre is that my experience has just been the opposite (which is why I am expecting them at any point to call me and say, "very sorry, we made a a mistake, we have to void your contract").
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