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Originally Posted by JamesMA View Post
Hey guys, have not gotten the work done yet as I am still deciding where to do it. My local dealer has a body shop, but in truth I have used them before and feel they are crap.

The adjuster gave my $1250 for the repair, which he assured me included a new m-sport bumper, subject to negotiation when I get the work done.

I am pretty sure parts, like bumpers, come the germany unpainted and I am concerned about the finish quality, so I am going to take my time before I pick a shop. There is another dealer nearby that I intend to call this week.
I know that in some cases you can request a PAINTED part to come out of germany. I had a boss years back who had a white bumper shipped from a factory already painted. This was easily 10 years back. Maybe its not allowed anymore.

But see if they will do that and its as simple as installing and will match and have factory paint to boot!