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320xdrive EB Msport Auto

Can't quite believe that she is finally here!

1st 10 impressions briefly:
1. 2.0 petrol engine, although down on raw power, is fantastically refined esp at motorway speeds and, with auto box, very responsive.
2. Xdrive does feel 'different' but very planted esp accelerating hard from standing starts and sudden lane changes.
3. HUD is fantastic, Nav, phone and radio also appear which is great.
4. New Nav screen is much clearer and brighter and seems to just be quicker at responding.
5. Active Cruise is far better than I thought, used it on a country road and it had no problem keeping set distance at 50mph and brought the car to a gentle stop.
6. HK sound is immense.
7. Surround view is great but takes some getting used to, too many cameras can sometimes be distracting.
8. Comfort access to open boot can make you look stupid if it doesn't work first time as you must look a crazy guy repeatedly kicking his car to passers-by.
9. Adaptive Suspension is definitely worth the extra IMHO, absorbs bumps like no car I've driven before.
10. A real shame safety pack takes away cubby hole, wish I knew that before I spec'd it

Overall, she is amazing not just because she is mine but because she's a BMW.

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