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Originally Posted by Hayir View Post
Today it worked at 27F. Couple days ago I stopped at a traffic light after a half an hour drive. It didn`t work. It displayed the ASS icon crossed on the screen. When the icon is displayed you can see the reason on the efficient dynamics screen. It was saying system request. Your case might be this too.

ANother scenario could be you switched to eco after you stopped and due to heavy traffic you never exceed the trashold speed for ASS to activate.
Ah I think only 2013 has that ASS "no-smoking" sign on the dash. 2012 do not have this. Before when I had the 2013 320i loaner it had the ASS status symbol and I was like "COOOOL"

I was in ECO Pro but it wasn't like stop and go for 2-3mph kinda thing. I def passed the "stop-and-go" speed threshold. After my previous post on my way back home I also tried Comfort and Sport just to satiate my curiosity in varying speeds coming to a full stop. Not once did the ASS kick in.

Weird. It may have to do with a more updated ASS programming with 2013 vice 2012.