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Originally Posted by pkim1079 View Post
I understand the thread but who would be in such a high gear and then have to do this? I don't want to hit my auto lever 6 times lol. In the DCT, i've gone down three gears - 6th to 3rd, 5th to 2nd. Same with the ZF. But what's the point when you can just kick down.

I don't think I'd ever be in these "extreme situations" so maybe I'm STILL reading it wrong. lol.
Yeah you're still not quite getting it haha, but I'll try and help!
The ZF 8HP does not need to select or engage every gear.
To help, forget manual mode and think of the standard D or DS automatic mode. In this mode, the car can go from 5th to 3rd without selecting or "going past" 4th. It can just completely discount 4th and go straight to 3rd. A DTC or older gearbox cannot do this, and 4th must be selected in order to get to 3rd, although it does it super rapidly.

So, as ZF and BMW claim, the 8AT can go from 8th to 2nd in an extreme situation, but what I want to know is what situation might this occur?

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