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Originally Posted by shawnsheridan View Post
No, Step 6 is not needed, but if you do it, it will not cause you any problems at all; it will just eat up another 20 Gb of hard drive space.

When I initially wrote those instructions long ago, it was assumed it was, but it was later determined as not being needed.

My new updated Instructions (v.2) are simply this:

05) If existing "psdzdata" folder exists in "C:\ESysData\" (i.e. "C:\ESysData\psdzdata") delete it.

06) Copy downloaded "psdzdata" folder to "C:\ESysData\" (i.e. "C:\ESysData\psdzdata")

This is due to two reasons. 1) People upgrading their PSdZdata were copying the new PSdZData folder on top of the old PSdZdata folder, which causes problems with conflicting binaries (.dll., .jar., etc.). And 2) Not all PSdZData packages included the the 7th folder, which is an empty Temp folder. This folder is created automatically by E-Sys, and may or may not be in the initial PSdZData package depending on who and how it was ripped from ISTA/P.

In any event, as I wrote above, having followed the original instructions would not cause any problem, so my guess is your E-Sys Data Path is not set exactly correct.
Thanks! Problem solved... now I can finally what is enabled in my car...

Tried activating speed limit display, got the option appeared in the settings, but system ain't showing anything (i have auto headlight came as standard, so have the camera in the rear view camera)