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Originally Posted by RobUK View Post
Well I have a nice toasty butt and toasty hands (as I went for the heated wheel too)

Then again, I don't have DAB, mobile apps or adaptive suspension - all of which I would probably have liked in hindsight
It's difficult choosing all the options isn't it. Personally I don't think you're missing much from DAB unless you listen to e.g. 6 Music or a digital-only station; I've found the sound quality to actually be worse than a good FM signal in my last BMW which had the DAB, not to mention it dips out a lot, and when it does, it doesn't revert to FM!

Mobile apps: I removed this at the last minute (with a couple of other bits, to 'make way' for the HUD!). I figured at the moment (and it's been like this for a while), there's hardly any apps available, particularly in the UK where we don't have Pandora etc. (and even if we did, phone data connection would be a problem). It will likely be a while before any decent apps come out (if ever), and it can be retrofitted if you want at a later date, if things change (albeit for ~450 which is a lot for what it does, but at least it is possible).

Adaptive suspension is the only one of the 3 I would agree on; though saying that, the 330d I test drove with the normal passive M Sport suspension, was still much better than my 335d etc., the ride and suspension is still much better on the F30 than it ever has been, IMO!
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