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Originally Posted by BMWgasm
Originally Posted by Naambezet View Post
Ofcourse, Americans just take the marketing talk for truth, so everyone there is concerned about changing oil. Only thing you guys do is wasting money and oil with that.
Yes, and all Dutch people wear wooden shoes, eat cheese, and smoke weed all the time.

I have never been one to go by the "every 3,000 miles" mantra- I always waited about 5-6K and with my Bimmers I adhere to the 15K and basically take it in when the car says so. That said, the best thing you can do for your car to make it last is change the oil regularly along with the other fluids as needed, and filters. Basic maintenance will make your car very happy and you also. I would rather spend a few dollars today then a few hundred later to fix a major issue.
What's wrong with eating cheese(sharp) n nothing wrong with "weed" at all...