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Even with the camo, the overall shape is too similar to the F30 3-Series even with the coupe-like slanting rear. If it had a different interior, it could be somewhat justified but it's just not different enough. I wonder what the price is going to be. I can't imagine how BMW could price it higher than 3-Series because what would you really be paying for? Just the coupe-like style?

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It's the same relation and business plan as the 6 Series Gran Coupe to the 5 series sedan. So if the 6GC and the 5 series sedan both sell well, then the 4GC and 3 series sedan should do the same.
There are huge/noticeable differences between the 5-Series and 6-Series - namely the exterior and interior. The 4-Series will obviously have it's small differences on the exterior but it still looks very close to a 3-Series and the interior from the spy pic above is the pretty much the same interior found in the F30. When you look at a 5-Series, you're not going to say, "hey that looks like the 6-Series" and vice versa.

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