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Originally Posted by Irnbrukid View Post
Thanks for the long explanation, but i still don't see how its 250 of a difference in manufacturing costs. To put it simply a larger pinion is used along with the steering rack, obviously the pitch between the teeth changes as you move along the rack. So the rack and pinion will just be made to different size. with different pitch between the teeth than a standard rack.. I don't know why its such a great engineering feet... after all id expect it and and standard rack to be machined to the same tolerences.. thou. Maybe a little more complex not majorly though. As both would need to be machined properly to run true anyway.
It will be a more complex engineering exercise as NISFAN has explained, maybe a little extra cost due to production run scale, but we are into added value engineering as well.

When has cost and what folks will pay been on an equal footing with sales? Just look at iPhone, iPad, etc., etc.

It is a bit like the 1300 and 1500 models cars, exact same specification, just a different engine capacity, but higher price point for the larger engine. Paying more for 'bigger holes' inside the engine. OK, that is a simplification, but additional costs are often a fraction of the selling price potential.