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Originally Posted by chriscecc914 View Post
I don't think you can make these comparisons without having seen the full 4 series coupe or gran coupe. The front and rear bumpers could end up being as different from the 3 series as the 6 series is from the 5 series. Fact is we don't know for sure yet. All we have are renders. Well renders tend to follow what we already know so of course they tend to make the 4 series bumper and rear look like the 3 series.

As for the interior, the 6 series shares the same awesome interior as the 5 series.
Look again. They might have similar hardware but you compare them side-by-side, it's different (especially the curving piece that cuts into the shifter area, separating driver from passenger). Then take a look at the 4-Series and 3-Series interior, much more similar and probably almost the same.

Yes you're right, the camo still leaves us unsure of what it will look like but I really don't think it's going to be the big change like the 5-Series and with the 6-Series. The 4-Series is just a 3-Series and I don't think (at least not yet) anyone is really separating the two like they are with the F10 and F12.