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I totally agree! Try finding a canon 50mm f1.0 L, you'll pay much more than the original retail price, same with a bunch of the long lenses, as I'm sure you know.

I'll certainly be making the leap from the 7D to a full frame, the question is just whether I keep the 7 as a backup to a 5dmk3 or let it go to a friend and solely shoot with a 1dX.

The only crop lens I have left is my sigma 4.5f2.8 Circ fisheye.. and I dont use it enough to warrant keeping my crop body to use it on! The rest are all L lenses and well chosen to suit what I shoot. Theres only one upgrade I plan to make and thats from my 70-200f4L IS to the new version II 2.8L IS of the same.. but again, they are SO close in sharpness that its not a big concern. I'll wait for a price drop or sale