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Originally Posted by LudaKris View Post
It's interesting. Maybe they just want to use this 8 month period as a way of testing it in the real world and if it works as it should maybe they will continue fitting this new design in cars built after July as well, if not design yet another rack.

Could it be some error on
It could very well be an error on realoem or info provided by BMWAG. I just thought it was interesting that the new rack is slated to begin 11/1/2012 and end 6/30/2013. This info on could change in the future.

BTW, for previous posters, this 11/2012 production start rack is the 4th P/N revision for the F30 rack. Based on the latest update it looks like BMWAG is pushing all 2012 and 2013 F30s (up until but not including 11/2012 production dates) into the 3rd revision rack (as replacement parts).

We shall see what MY14 holds. I'm guessing a rework like whats been leaked for the MY14 LCI F10 cars. I suspect BMWAG is tired of reading the magazine reviews for the F30.