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Originally Posted by Snig View Post
Any luck? I just received my plate and it still interferes with the PDC. Sensor just picks it up.
I had the same issue. And it's weird because sometimes it wouldn't pick it up. I spent a lot of time trying to adjust it while the car was on (adjust, get in, turn on PDC, would be OK, then randomly freak out later)

I found that if I oriented the plate straight across (parallel to the axles) vs normal to the bumper (the way it looks best) it seems that the PDC wouldn't pick it up.

But then it looked so terrible that I just ended up taking it off and sticking it in my trunk again.

I haven't been haggled about it yet...and it still looked like such a tumor I may just save it in the trunk for when I get hassled. Forgot to take pics...
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