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The Speed Limit display isn't infallible, sometimes the satnav data is wrong or it can't read a sign, but I'd say it is accurate about 95% of the time plus it's handy when it picks up variable/temporary speed limit signs. Having it there in the HUD next to your speed is handy constant reminder, but it's no substitute for paying proper attention to signs and your surroundings. Would I spec it on my next car? Possibly not - if I were ordering a new F30 now I'd definitely spec the HUD but would probably ditch Speed Limit Display and put the money towards adaptive suspension or HK instead.

PS - this standard sound system is really starting to grate. Radio/talk/etc. is fine, but with a lot of music you just lose all the detail. Best analogy I can think of is if you were to order a plate of assorted ice creams. With HK (I imagine) you can enjoy all the individual flavours. The standard system is like mixing all the different scoops together into a beige sludge! It's ice cream Jim, but not as we know it...
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