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My Impressions, Review, Whatever

There isn't a general "this is what I think" thread... but I wanted to point a few things out since I just rolled past 400 miles.
  • EBII...
  • Dat front end...
  • Dat burble gurgle.... (this is my first car with a sporty exhaust)
  • The car drives fantastic. It's almost too easy to go fast. Where I had to push my E46, this car simply yawns and gets the job done.
  • There is so much grunt down low, it's nice to have a car that doesn't bog down when below 2000rpms.
  • Love the split personality between Comfort and Sport. Comfort is perfect for when I have people in the car. Sport is perfect for everything else...
  • Didn't realize the car would have turning headlights; these were a nice surprise as I didn't think they'd be as useful as they are
  • The clutch sucks. My E46's clutch built up pressure right to the engage point... this car's clutch is just mushy.
  • How do I turn hill assist off? It is... awkward in a stick shift to say the least
  • My M-Perf brakes squeal slightly at slower speeds.
  • The shifter feel is delicious. Notchy, tight, heavy but not too heavy.
  • Heated steering wheel could be a bit hotter
  • Poor ergonomics on the heated steering wheel button and auto-wiper button
  • The mirrors should really default auto-fold, I always forget the button is there...
  • Can I set Sport mode to be the default? I'll want that after I get out of break-in.

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