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Ron Scott

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Absolutely INTOLERABLE tracking situation!

Man, I am freaking apoplectic over this!

I've been tracking my 335's progress like a good boy since they put in the order on October 22nd. It left Bremerhaven on the Turandot on November 21st and passed through the Celtic Sea on the 26th. All very good.

Then, IT DISAPPEARS!! poof...gone...nada

It looks like I'll have to wait until December 2nd or so when it gets back near land in Canada to track it live again. And that's IF it isn't lost at sea.


Are we heading into 2013 or 1913? You tell me...

And if $50 billion in taxpayer-funded satellites can't track the damn thing what's the problem with the goddam "crew" out there? Yo Mr. Steve A. Door; don't you guys know how to take a pic with ur iPhones and post 'em somewhere? Or are ya'll just partying like its 1999 for 9 days?

Jeze, I feel like canceling my order I'm so mad.

We're dealing with fools I tell ya: fools!