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i'm at 16k and haven't serviced it yet.

There was a recent rant (maybe on this forum - - canít remember) about the lack of a dipstick on some of the latest BMW engines. Actually, you should be happy. That is an indication that the motor is equipped with a neat device designed by Bosch called an oil condition monitor. It constantly measures oil level and the dielectric properties of the oil. As the oil (very, very slowly) ages, picks up wear metals, acids, fuel dilution, and oxidizes, the conductivity or dielectric properties of the oil changes. Thatís where all that field testing comes in. BMW can correlate the electrical values measured at any one time to the general condition of the oil and adjust the oil change interval if the oil is in danger of becoming unserviceable. Boschís latest oil condition monitor even has a little transducer that bounces sound waves off the oil to measure changes in viscosity. What more do you want?