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Originally Posted by Hniel View Post
Going from my 2010 335 to this I didn't feel any brake pedal sponginess so I think could an issue on the new install, sorry to say. Others must have done the same upgrade as you, be great to hear there comments. Good luck. Hniel
Yes, the M-Sport calipers do look slightly different than the M-Performance ones. Yours don't seem to have a beveled contour around the pistons housing, though it's not that easy to judge from these pictures. The pictures on the first post of this thread clearly show the M-Performance brakes calipers.

Regarding the install, the dealer has now re-serviced the brakes twice. They're "functional", just not what I expected. So I'll be fine with them, but I wrote to BMW USA to try to find out more and see if anyone else had the same experience. Many people would probably find nothing wrong with my set up. It is a matter of personal preference and is somewhat subjective. So far, I've only seen one post on this f30 forum about a M-Performance brake customer also questionning the "feel" and performance of this expensive upgrade.

The other downside of the upgrade is that if one wants to use aftermarket rims for winter set up, 18" may not fit. I had to go to 19" on a TSW Brado matte black rim, fitted with Blizzak LM60 non-RFT. I would have preferred to have 18", but this model rim in 18" just could not clear the calipers. I saw your winter set up on another thread. Nice.