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Originally Posted by Technic View Post
The F30 interior is not a $70,000 interior. It is not even a $50,000 interior. That's the problem.
I agree the F30 interior has some pain-points (*cough* pop up screen *cough*), but I think the new 3 is maintaining sales momentum vs. its predecessor, no? So, from BMW's point of view, I suppose they got it right.

You're right though - it's true that the interior has to look as good in a $80k M3 as it does in a $40k 328i (or $45k 428i vs. a $85k+ M4 GC as the case may be). But, once you get into the high performance world, it seems that more people are more likely to put less importance on the interior aesthetics. BMW takes full advantage of this fact.
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