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Originally Posted by ONE-77 View Post
I was driving to work in Eco pro mode and once i entered the highway, i tried to catch up on speed so I moved the gear to DS from D position and all of a sudden the car jammed up, started shaking and a signal came up in the iDrive saying Drivetrain malfunction, drive moderately, and the car wouldn't allow me to exceed 50 mls/h. The car kept shaking till I took the next exit. It was very dangerous as I entered the highway with that speed and there was a bunch of cars going at least 75 mls/hr that had to leave the lane I'm on. Darn it. The engine light is on now. I parked the car and I'm at work now. WTF!!
this has happened to my car 4 times now. Its a cylinder misfire that causes that error. It could either be a spark plug, coil pack or injector. The dealer has replaced the coil packs and spark plugs but it continues to happen. BMWNA is involved now and they have no idea what to do fix it. They have updated software as well with no luck. Im one step away from filing a lemon law suit for it.