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Originally Posted by jk3355 View Post
Are there any hidden options that only dealers can spec on a 335i?

Reason being... back in the day you could order Lemon Interior leather, a higher range sound system and other rarities that were never published on a website or brochure.

If opting for a luxury package, maybe the factory could allow sport seats for the added cost like Europe.

I read the forum and from time to time people are yearning for a return to a regularly equipped car that gives you the option of a saddle interior on a sport or base car. People want sport seats and a regular sport package again. People in general are settling for a package since there are nice things about each.

I for one have not warmed up to the red stitching on the sportline. Love the exterior. Love the car really. So whats the deal... in 2014 if all the lines vanished and we had a sport pack, luxury pack, modern pack and m sport pack to click with our choice of interior, would the BMW world cease to exist? Its madness... and I think its come to the attention of many that the F30 might be the best 3 series ever build. And the worst optioned 3 series to date. How the heck did this happen? And why on earth can't you get a saddle or oyster interior on a sports model???
Couldn't agree more. I'd pay $500-$1000 even to just unlock all the can't get this-with-this stuff. Dakota Beige only with M, no Adaptive Cruise with M (in the US, its avail in EU), a blue key on M even if I delete that stripe but I can only get black highlights with Aluminum... argh.

Working through that maze was a killer and ended up in me having to choose between an option I really wanted and some cosmetics I wanted. Ultimately ordering a car and choosing the cosmetics ends up being like picking the lesser of an evil instead of getting the perfect car.

I get it when working with dealer inventory but if I order something from the factory can't I just order it (with limits of course, but not bundled X-Y-Z)? If I am killing efficiencies by doing so then charge me and I have the option to pay if its worth it or go with the value meal. It seems the only pay to unlock is going Individual and that seems to be a massive bump for again a few variants (and I don't think available either in the US yet, or just barely).