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Originally Posted by mkoesel
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A baby 5er (528i) costs US$47,000 and a 6GC starts at US$76,000. Thats a 62% increase.
- The entry level engine for the 5 series is not available for the 6 series. This introduces an artificially large price gap between the two. The gap is potentially even larger in countries where the 520i is sold. Don't expect BMW to put a 4 cylinder in the 6 series any time soon.

- There are standard equipment differences (6 has more content to start) that also contribute to the price gap.

- The 5 and 6 series feature more differentiation in the interior than the 3 and 4 will, assuming these spy shots are showing us the truth.

I think it is extremely unlike that the 428i coupe will start at over 50k, even if the selection of one of the four "lines" becomes compulsory with this model (which I suppose I'd give a 50/50 shot). The 428i GC, then, might possibly tip things above 50k to start, but I would not necessarily guarantee that. I could see them putting it just slightly under.

In any case, once optioned up, this will not be a cheap car, but neither is a 335i today. Even a 328i can go well above 50k.
I see what You're saying but seeing the incredibly price hike on 6GC, i was predicting what the 4GC will go for.
I doubt it will start at less than US$50,000