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Originally Posted by SamS View Post
M-sport gives you more than cosmetics, in the US.
  • 328i front brakes: 12.3" / rear - 11.8".
  • 328i M sport brakes - front: 13.4" / rear: 13.6"
  • 335i front brakes: 13.4"
  • 335i M sport brakes - front: 14.6" front / rear: 13.6" rear

You also get Sport Suspension, option 704, included. As well as sport seats.
Before I post what I was going to post, please show me a source that states that US Msport models have larger brakes than their sport line cousins.

Perhaps you're confusing M 'performance brakes' with Msport OEM brakes.
M Performance brakes are an optional system.
The rotors are about 14.6" in front and 13.6" in the rear.

The OEM/stock brakes on the Msport are the same brakes that are on the sport line, respective to the series 328i or 335i.

Please reread the post you responded to.
The sport suspension and sport seats are also the same as they are in the sport line.
Msport = cosmetic's over the sport line. Oh wait, in the US.
The End.

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