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Originally Posted by RPM90 View Post
Before I post what I was going to post, please show me a source that states that US Msport models have larger brakes than their sport line cousins.

As for 335i having larger brakes than the 328i, that's been around for a long time.

Perhaps you're confusing M 'performance brakes' with Msport OEM brakes.
M Performance brakes are an optional system.
The rotors are about 14.6" in front and 13.6" in the rear.

The OEM/stock brakes on the Msport are the same brakes that are on the sport line, respective to the series 328i or 335i.
No, the rotor size of the M-sport is increased over their respective non-standard/Lux/Sport/Modern line. The rotor is different (dimpled/slotted) along with a different color caliper on the M Performance Brake package. But the rotor size remains the same.

You can go measure the rotor size at any dealer with an M-sport car on the lot.

We've been over this same discussion, several times, and you are incorrect in your assumptions.
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