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Originally Posted by AKAFP View Post
Invoice is actually what the dealer pays. However, they do have the hold back money from the manufacturer once the car sells.
so i was talking to the dealer when he was dropping me off at my new car the other day.

he said they do get "performance bonuses" when they move a certain number of cars so for them its worth it to sell some under invoice if they need it to move cars.

that said i picked up my EB2 m-sport 328i for $1000 under invoice. and then another $1000 off for the holiday cash. ... so $2000 under! quite happy with the deal i got, and they seemed quite happy to sell me the car.

today is nov 30th, and most dealers in southern california seem to be willing to do invoice on any model on their lots (my mom said the dealer she went to to look at an x3, said invoice on cars on the lot and even on cars to order) or order. BMW must really be trying to utilize capacity now that europe isnt buying as many cars.