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Originally Posted by SamS View Post
No, the rotor size of the M-sport is increased over their respective non-standard/Lux/Sport/Modern line. The rotor is different (dimpled/slotted) along with a different color caliper on the M Performance Brake package. But the rotor size remains the same.

You can go measure the rotor size at any dealer with an M-sport car on the lot.

We've been over this same discussion, several times, and you are incorrect in your assumptions.
I looked at those threads, but nothing about the US Msport OEM brakes.
"M sport" brakes are NOT included as OEM on Msport F30's.

Here's a link for you:


In the US, M Sport Brakes are a port of the M Sport Package
as a standalone option. In Germany, M Sport Brakes are option and the option requires either M Sport Package or a 335i with at least 18" wheels.

The M Sport Brakes feature bigger rotor sizes and fixed
piston calipers both front and rear. They are Brembo 4-piston aluminum fixed calipers on the front axle and 2-piston aluminum fixed calipers on the rear axle. The brake calipers are painted in dark blue and an M logo is applied (think of the F10 M5 caliper design here) (see the first photos below from a previous spy photo) . You may not want to miss out on the M Sport brakes, as BMW will be offering as a BMW Performance part, huge 370mm drilled/slotted brake discs for the M Sport brakes (see below).

370mm = about 14.6"

BTW, I have a 335i Msport in my garage.
I wish I had those nice colored 4 piston calipers.
Brake rotors look the same as they do on a 335i sport line.

I'm open to knowing if the Msport's do have rotors that size, but I haven't read anything that states that as true, and neither of those threads say it either. If you have a real reference source, please post it.

I again welcome you to read my post, the one you were responding to, as we're commenting on assumptions.
The sport seats and sport suspension in the Msport are the SAME as in the sport line, as I clearly stated in my post, the one you responded to.

Also, certain items and options are country specific, so what may come standard in a US spec Msport may be different that what one may get in Canada, or Europe, etc...

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