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Originally Posted by RPM90 View Post
V, have you been into the "sport configuration" settings in iDrive?
When you get the adaptive suspension option you also get an additional settings screen for how "sport" mode should set things up for you.
You can set it to "drive train" only, which affects only the throttle response and trans shift mode, not the suspension which will remain in "comfort" along with the steering effort.

"Chassis only" affects only the suspension, and steering effort by putting it in it's sport mode.
In this mode, throttle response is left in "comfort" and trans shift mode is also in "comfort" mode.

"Both drive train and chassis" will put sport mode into full sport for all items; steering effort, throttle response, trans shift mode, and suspension.

I hope I got those right.
I'll test my 335i with DH later to see what happens to my throttle response when I'm in driver sport mode, and then also use the DTC/DSC to shut the system completely off.

I so wish BMW will upgrade the DH sport settings so that we can pick and choose what items we want in sport without having to choose a set grouping.
For example, I'd like to have the firmer steering effort, sport suspension setting, higher throttle response, and comfort for trans mode.
That would be ideal for my daily driving.
As the options are now, I can't get that setup even on a $52K MSRP 335i with DH pkg.
BMW please FIX THIS!
I do have it and I often set it to sport suspension/steering with comfort on the drivetrain

I hear you on the wish for a possibility to set each n every item, that would be perfect cause there are times when Id like to have the steering ONLY set to sport n the rest in comfort.

But that's life, no matter how much u have u always want more
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