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Originally Posted by RPM90 View Post
It's ok to disagree.
Keep in mind Msport came later to buyers, that's why it's often referred to as a "cosmetic" pkg, as it's pretty much the same mechanically as the sport line, other than the steering wheel and different looking wheels.

I guess I have to be more accurate then.
Msport is a cosmetic pkg added to a sport line model.
Is that better?

i've accepted that it is. and i think totally worth it haha. the sportline bumpers are the same as the other lines, just with differences in chrome etc. for them to have to mold m-sport specific bumpers and side skirts, and wheel, i figure the lower volume costs BMW a bit.

that said, m-sport is not common. most BMWs you can't tell what they are on the street. i live in LA in a decent part of town. and i work in santa monica. today was the first time i have ever seen an m-sport actually being driven by someone who owned it.

i'd only previously seen them on dealer lots. So today i'm going to lunch in my 2 day old m-sport. saw another guy in a mineral gray 328i m-sport. he had lighting package too, which is actually fairly rare ( at the dealers i've been to probably 25% of m-sports had lighting, no one gets it apparently in LA or something).

guess where i was for lunch. Yes mcdonalds! mineral gray guy did the drive thru. i "dined" in.