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Originally Posted by RPM90 View Post
My VSS steering has developed a light clunk turning the steering wheel left and right, and it's very noticeable when maneuvering around a parking lot.
It feels like something is loose and it sucks.
Doesn't feel very BMW like.

I wonder if the new 7/2013 rack is to fix the whole lack of steering feel and light effort that so many are bitching about, and why the new ATS gets so much praise.

If BMW puts in a better feeling steering rack next summer, then I want that new rack. My car will be nearly a year old at that time, and I'm gonna be pissed if BMW fixes the steering and doesn't retro for the cars already sold. It's not like my steering rack has been perfect since new, I've told my dealer about thunking sounds since the day I picked my 335i up.
AKAIK, until BMW specifies "ENDED" for the old part you'll continue to get a replacement that is specified for your production month/year. Once they END it, you get the updated part. So, just because they come out with a new rack, does not mean you'll automatically get it. Sometimes the new part only works in conjunction with other parts BMW may not agree to replace simultaneously. For instance, looking at the links in my first post, the steering column and associated parts changed as well for November. Maybe they need to be changed to match the new rack. A guess, of course.

My bet is that these changes are only to address the wobble/vibration complaints and possibly the rubbing noise some have complained coming from the steering column.

New steering feel will likely be announced as an upgrade (when its really more like a fix! ). Maybe MY14, maybe LCI.