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Originally Posted by SamS View Post

Your original post that I quoted makes no reference to sport seats or sport suspension.

I'm quite aware that the sport seats and sport suspension are exclusive to the M-sport and Sport lines (in the US) and never insinuated otherwise. Just pointing out that compared to No-line/Modern/Luxury, you do get something other than cosmetic improvements with the M-sport package.
My bad, not the one you quoted, the one after that.
Guess I "assumed" you took the time to read it as it's right there, the next post.
Here's part of that post right before the one you posted.

"I guess I have to be more accurate then.
Msport is a cosmetic pkg added to a sport line model.
Is that better? "

Note: "...added to a sport line model."

Perhaps you missed that post as you then go on to tell me what's in an Msport regarding sport seats and sport suspension, as if I don't already have one.