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Originally Posted by SamS View Post
Not arguing, just wishing you wouldn't point out incorrect info as facts.
Wait, slow down.

What am I pointing out as incorrect?

I posted a thread, that I did not write.
It's clearly still in this forum as posted by a moderator.

Is it incorrect? I don't know.
That is the source I am using.

You say it is wrong, Ok, where's your info/source?

I'm at the real oem link, but I'm not seeing the larger rotors listed as OEM.
They are listed as "if equipped".
That's the question though.
You say Msport are OEM equipped with M sport brakes.
The moderator posted thread says they are not.

Realoem doesn't help here.

Please explain what is what using the part numbers listed there.
I really am curious now and want to know what's up.