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Originally Posted by SamS View Post
Sure thing:

You'll be looking for part number 34106797606.
There are 4 rotors listed.
Part # ending in:

Is 2223 the OEM for non Msport 335i?

Part# ....7606 is for which model? You're saying it's the OEM Msport rotor.

Part# ....7602 shows it to be 340x30, which is around 13.5"

Part# ...7603 show it to be 370x30, that's the larger rotor with the dimpled surface.

So, which is the OEM rotor for an 335i Msport?
Is it 7606 that shows no size?
What 335i gets the 7602 rotor?

From my understanding, 335i's in any line, mod, lux, sport or Msport get the 340x30 front rotors. These are larger than what the 328i's get.

The question is not that "M sport" brakes are the same as
"M performance" brakes.
The question is, do Msport F30's get the "M sport/M performance" brakes as OEM/standard, not as option.

You're saying that US spec Msport, 328i or 335i, get the same size rotors and same calipers as the "M performance" brakes, except for the dimples and colored calipers. Yes?