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Originally Posted by pops_f30 View Post
Something strange must be going on as my tank doesnt say 550 miles in the tank! I will double check this morning but thinks its more like 450....
The range on a fill up will depend on the calculation of mpg at the time of the fill.

No two cars will therefore show the same range, some will be similar but there will be some extremes as well.

For example, from my current car. I know when I picked up my 535i from the garage, it had a full tank and showed a 280 mile range. I was thinking I would have to fill before getting home. At home 310 miles later, I still had 120 miles on the range. Obviously the car's computer calculation was around 18 mpg at the time the garage filled it up.

Filling the car, I can have a range of over 480 miles.