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Originally Posted by johnbmw6 View Post
Just a bit of info for those wanting to know if the "Brake upgrade" was any good and worth the money.
IMO after driving the Sport without the upgrade for most of the day, and then getting back into mine with the upgrade, the difference was really noticeable the upgraded brakes are so so much better, peddle feel is really good and feel is very much improved.
It would not be as easy to notice if the cars were not driven back to back.
Worth it to me, and this is not from a mad boot down driver, you can feel the difference in normal driving.
Thanks John - this is great news for me. I specced the brake M Sport Brake upgrade, hoping for exactly what you've described. I know they're not full-on things, but I hoped they'd be firmer on the pedal, easier to modulate and stronger stoppers. Sounds like all this is true.

I put top-notch aftermarket brakes (AP Racing) on my last two cars and I'd never be without them. Not something you can appreciate the value of until you've driven cars with and without.

It's good to hear you feel the difference in normal driving. This fits my experience - in normal road situations, it's more about a reassuringly firm pedal, feel and control.

The M Sport brakes sound like great value from your comments :-)

Now all I need is for the next two weeks to go by quickly ...