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Originally Posted by NISFAN View Post
Good to know as I have them optioned up.........but...........would you really notice the difference once you get used to your car? I think not so much?
Hi Nisfan,

Again, this is down to personal taste but, if you like involvement, feel and control, then I'd say you'll miss that feeling the second you step into a car with ordinary brakes.

Yes, you will get used to good brakes, just as you do real power (or torque in our world). But likewise, I think you'd miss them hugely them if someone downgraded your brakes to standard overnight.

For me, great brakes, with firm pedal, genuine feel and real control are every bit as high on the list as handling and straight-line go. By control, I mean the ability to start braking, push a bit harder, feel clearly where you are relative to lockup or ABS kicking in through the pedal and then having complete confidence in all braking situations. You end up with a level of control that makes a difference even in normal A-B driving. And when you do a bit of spirited driving, it's just marvellous.

I'm leasing my car, so I can't do any mods and that makes me very happy to hear the M Sport upgrade is pretty good.


My concern was that the M Sport brakes might not make a big difference,