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Originally Posted by NISFAN View Post
Not true, most company cars are leased, and most lease companies options policy is simple, you either pay up front for them or they amortise the option over the lease period so it is fully paid for at termination. Either way it adds a hell of a lot to the cost of the vehicle, therefore most co. cars WON'T have Nav fitted.

For those that bought Nav, it adds roughly 500 to the re-sale value. Not too bad as other than Automatic gearbox, all other options add zilch.
On my BMW Contract Hire quote the pro nav package was just short of 30/month incl the vat payable (half of 20%); over 47 months + 1 month deposit; so approx 1440 over the full term. Some options they see as adding to the residual and they'll be a bit cheaper than the full cost, e.g. nav, leather; but others - e.g. Harman Kardon - you're pretty much paying for the full cost of them,
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