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Originally Posted by F30AM View Post
I don't know and that's the 64 thousand $ question. It's 389 inc VAT and delivery. But it needs to be fitted. So say 689 in total. Anything is better value than the near 2000 we paid for the Pro Nav. Could have had a 3 day 5* City Break with the money saved. I still feel very p**sed off.

VW are no better, but I managed to get their 1900 Sat Nav system through the VW forum for 500! It was a genuine one. Unfortunately, it sounded sh*t (they all do when loaded with lots of features and the LED Screen) compared to the boggo Radio/CD player and I ended up buying new speakers, amps and a sub-woofer thereby spending an extra 3000. Was I f**ked off or what?

Today is one of those days for me. I just wanted a good rant. I still feel p**sed off and hacked off, though.
Dude, I paid for a last generation inbuilt sat nav in my Merc. I would do it all again because there are things that a priceless with an inbuilt system. For example the SatNav picks up the vehicle speed and turning signals, which means you can be driving under guidance long before your plug in device has even found a satelite. You never get......searching for satelite......signal on screen, etc. Just for the in built functionality it is worth it. Anyway I got a 4.xK discount on my car, in my mind I paid full list on the car and got SatNav, Visibility, suspension, wheels and brakes all for free