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Originally Posted by PF64 View Post
I went without the built in nav to have some other options and buy a sat-nav when i get the car. I hadn't heard of syrius one but just googled it. Is it as good as it sounds ?
I don't know and that's the 64 thousand $ question. It's 389 inc VAT and delivery. But it needs to be fitted. So say 689 in total. Anything is better value than the near 2000 we paid for the Pro Nav. Could have had a 3 day 5* City Break with the money saved. I still feel very p**sed off and properly shafted.

VW are no better, but I managed to get their 1900 Sat Nav system (made by Continental Tyres in the Czech Republic!) through the VW forum for 550. It was a genuine one. Unfortunately, it sounded sh*t (they all do when loaded with lots of features and the LED Screen) compared to the boggo Radio/CD player and I ended up buying new speakers, amps and a sub-woofer thereby spending an extra 3000. Was I f**ked off or what? Talk about being penny wise, pound foolish. This time I decided to be pound wise, penny foolish. I was just as stupid!

Today is one of 'those' days for me. I have them more and more often and they get worse and worse. Omni-grumpy. I just wanted a damn good rant. I still feel p**sed off and hacked off, so there's been no cathaisis as yet.
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