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Originally Posted by MaestroAl View Post
I learned not to lease unless it is the only financially viable option. You're just too far removed from the process and have zero control over anything. Dealers are mostly crap and need nagging but you can't nag them when you're leasing and the lease company will never be a good enough avatar to do you justice.

So yeah, leasing has its downsides as well as its good
I leased my 123d (2 cars ago) through BMW and the whole process was exactly the same as if I'd ordered on PCP (as I have this time). Even put my private plate on it. Monthly repayments were a lot lower as well. I'd have done the same this time as well, but I needed my settlement paying off for the 135i, which they did (was about 4k short) as part of the deal, as they had a lot more flexibility to discount and do a deal etc. on the PCP. I would definitely lease again though (through my business); with the monthly repayments being lower, and the value of the car at the end if you did want to buy it (sometimes they'll let you, though they're not contractually obliged to), will likely be about the same as the balloon payment on the PCP as well, so there's not much in it...
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