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Originally Posted by SamS View Post
Yes, the 2223 is the 13.4" non-M-sport front rotor. Not slotted.

7606 is the 14.6" for the 335i M-sport. It is non-slotted, just as the above part, and both are referenced in the diagram as 01. This is the front rotor on your car.

7602 is the 13.4" slotted M-Performance brake rotor. This part can be use as either the 335i rear Performance rotor, or the 328i front M-Performance rotor. Not sure why the catalog leads us here, grouped with 335i "front" rotors. But realoem is not infallible. It is referenced as 02 on the diagram, pointing out its slotted/dimpled design. Note that the rotors are not to scale.

This is the 14.6" front rotor for just the M-performance brake kit. Notice this part and 7602 specifically mention "Original BMW Accessories" because in the US, they are not factory-fitted parts, rather dealer/VPC accessories.

Yes, the 7606.

7602 is only designed for the rear 335i M-performance rotor.

Correct, except for M-sport.

M-sport = larger rotors for both 328i and 335i. Calipers are the same as M-performance, but only available as gray (are blue in other countries). Pads are the same, I believe. The $3K M-performance option only gets you slotted/dimpled rotors, and a different color caliper.

In the spirit of giving people the correct OEM Msport brake size, I measured my brakes on my 335i Msport.
They are NOT anywhere near 14.6".
They are around 13" to 13.?", somewhere closer to 13.5".
It's obviously hard to measure them exactly as there is no way to get a straight shot at them while mounted.
But again, not anywhere near 14.6".

OEM Msport brakes are not the larger M sport brakes, not in the US, as I have been trying to explain.
"M sport brakes" and "M performance brakes" are OPTIONAL not OEM/standard.

When you get your Msport, please measure your OEM/non optional brakes for verification.

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