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Originally Posted by SamS View Post
I made the point because you gave some blatantly incorrect information (DCT not able to skip gears) as fact.

Also, I use the "M" designation, because the DCT in M cars does have different software/design than the non-M DCT cars. I wanted to reference the MDCT, in particular.

All good now?
Sam, I gave some incorrect information, as I should have stated it differently.
And, I have corrected the incorrect/misleading information, and wrote that I was incorrect.
Harping on it again, after I've already admitted and corrected it is arguing for arguments sake.
It's been cleared up.

Again, the point being, the ZF 8spd can downshift by skipping more gears than a dual clutch, DCT, DSG, M DCT.
That's all I was saying.
I wasn't putting the DCT or M-DCT down.

When I'm wrong, I'm very willing to say it and correct it.
I find that to be a good virtue.
I hope that clears it up.

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