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Originally Posted by MaestroAl View Post
Aye. True. But still a PITA if you're trying to get somewhere. I lost a rear tyre about a month ago on the motorway (at 95mph!) in the wife's Mazda 5 with the kids in the back. I got the kids the other side of the barrier, got out my warning triangle and high-vis vest and changed the tyre in about 10 minutes. It could have been an hour before a wagon turned up to tow the car away and I wouldn't have wanted the kids standing in the rain on a motorway for all that time and I wouldn't have gotten to my destination for a long time. There's no substitute for having the means to get where you're going without assistance
This is exactly the purpose of run-flats! They reduces the danger when getting a flat at high rates of speed and they give you time to get off the highway so you're not dealing with changing a tire with cars zooming by you at 70 mph.