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Need a Solution for a Problem

As most of you would know, the keyfob for the F30 has the ability to raise or lower all of the windows (and open or close the sunroof) if the lock or unlock buttons are held.

More than once, one of my workmates has asked me if I'm aware that all my windows are down, or that my boot is open when the car is parked in front of my work. Clearly what's happening is that the fob in my pocket is resting agaisnt something when I sit down and the button is being pressed.

This became an issue today when it was pointed out to me that my windows were down in the middle of a rain storm. Thankfully the sunroof was closed but I still have water all down the inside the my doors and on the seats and carpet.

I've looked through the settings on iDrive but there doesn't seem to be any way to disable this function. I was hoping that I could at least limit it so that the boot won't unlock when the car itself is still locked but that option doesn't exist either. My coworker's Merc ML35 has a rain sensor that raises the windows if the car detects rain.

Any suggestions on how best to combat this problem?
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