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Originally Posted by RPM90 View Post
MT or AT that's the big question for sure.
I'm an MT driver at heart and I too wrestled with getting an automatic with a torque converter.
So, I tried and tested as much as I could to make a decision.
When I first tried it I was amazed at the sport AT's performance.
I had never felt another AT like this. Did a bunch of reading and was very impressed with the thought ZF put into this trans to make it feel like a cross between a dual clutch and an TC auto.
So, I decided to try it. Since I lease I figured that I I didn't like it, then I'll just go back to a MT.

There really is not comparison between a MT and AT. They feel different and they function in different ways, and the drivers involvement is different too. The better comparison is between a dual clutch, this TC AT, and other TQ AT's, that's where the real comparison lies.
The ZF AT doesn't give you the same feel of involvement as a MT does, and if one is hoping that a manually operated AT is the same as an MT, then it's really not the trans for them.
But if one wants to try an AT that is truly amazing in how it performs in full auto mode and then in manual mode, they will be impressed, and all other TC AT's pale in comparison.

Sometimes I wish I would have chosen the MT, but overall I am really happy with this AT, well at least when it's working correctly.
Mine is gonna need to be looked at.
I never thought the decision would be this hard, I've been to 4 test drives and still haven't decided, but my gut feeling is to just stick to a MT...