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Originally Posted by M-Sport328i View Post
I posted on this a couple of weeks back and was hoping it would settle down. When driving on uneven road surfaces, when going in and out of driveways etc...any time the body flexes I get a soft crackling sound from the doors that sounds a bit like paper being crunched up in the hand. On some roads this is constant and very annoying.

i googled this and it seems like a couple of guys in Singapore have reported this. I have yet to get around to visiting the dealer to discuss. one of the Singaporeans said the dealer fitted felt tape at door trims to fix and this reduced the problem. I also read other posts in some USA forums complaining of similar types of noise.

my mate has a 118 and doesnt have this issue

Has anyone in Aus experienced this on their F30 besides me?

This is problem number 4 with the now 3 week old car. I am concerned that quality control in the factory may not be up to scratch.
Get some Gummi Pflege and apply to your door seals. My E90 did the same thing and seems to be more annoying during cooler weather. This stuff helps.