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Originally Posted by Reznick View Post
How far would you like to go back in history.?? Cadillac was far superior with their first car since BMW didn't make a car for years after them. My point is that these are mechanical working machines that are constantly improved upon. There was a time not too long ago Toyota was considered unstoppable because their car NEVER broke down.The mighty have fallen fast. Businesses rise and fall. Some on this very site are arguing the BMW has lost its way. Does that mean if they have a 10yr stretch of bad cars you turn your back forever??? A smart person wouldn't dismiss a car simply because of its badge. .As said above, if this car didn't have a wreath on the grille, people would own this car and rave about it. IMHO i still would rank the 3 series 1st but the ATS really is easily 2nd.
I agree, but all I am saying is we cannot just start blindly trusting a new car. This may be a BMW forum, but it is without a doubt a general car enthusiast forum. That said I am cheering for the ATS, but it must prove its self before any real credit is given.